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We are a management company building affordable technological solutions for the education industry. Our team has vast experience in education industry and we know how hard it is for the institutes to deliver Quality education consistently. We are trying to help you manage all the other work through our all in one services platform.

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We have a team of experts from different industries with different skill sets. Which enables us to give our clients better positioning and visibility.


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Admin App

Admin app helps to increase productivity and reduce the time and effort required to manage academic institutes. It is an android based application which features a centralized storage data that help administrator to access the data anywhere and anytime.

Admin app provides all in one campus management platform.

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Fees Administration

  • Transparency

  • Increase Admission

  • School Vehicle Tracking

Parents App

Parent App is designed keeping in mind Parents requirements and concerns regarding their wards. It can keep Parents up-to-date with daily activities, results, fees, time table, homework etc.

  • Effective Communication

  • update about your children

  • Access From Anywhere

  • Effective Connectivity

Teacher App

The Teacher App is a platform where every teacher can access high quality content to learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost using a smart phone. With The Teacher App, you get access to courses, educational resources, stories and conversations.

  • Quick Access

  • Attendance

  • Reduce Manual work

  • Homework Management

Why should School Management System be part of your institute?

School management software which includes everything your institution will ever need

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