Why schools must communicate to parents the importance of an effective teaching methodology in preparing and child for life

(i) One of the most critical problems that many schools are struggling with is the communication gap among teachers, students, as well as parents. Good communication is important for students' academic achievement, but many schools struggle to incorporate effective interactions between teachers, students, and parents.

Tagore uses technology to help people connect more effectively. Everyone is linked via mobile or web apps, and any information that needs to be transferred can be sent quickly via Chats/SMS. This saves time and removes a large number of phone calls.

(ii) Holding traditional attendance records is always a daunting activity. Maintaining correct attendance records on paper takes a lot of time and effort. Teachers are often perplexed by large numbers of attendance records. Traditional attendance systems find it difficult to perform tasks such as sorting students based on attendance, retrieving a specific student's attendance data, and so on.

Tagore is capable of overcoming all of the above problems. It provides paperless attendance management, which is much simpler and more reliable than the conventional system.

19 March

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