Transforming school with tagore in India:

(i) With only a few taps, users can keep track of their attendance.

One of the most critical aspects of a school management system is the ability to monitor and review students' attendance. For the entire term, the system allows you to build different attendance reports per class, student, gender, and several other variables.

Furthermore, this device contains an SMS feature that can warn parents if their children are missing. It will make students rethink skipping a class.

Keeping track of attendance with a pen and paper is so last season!

(ii) Easy Home work management.

Students may use this app to view, complete assignments, information, and home work. It's possible because the system is built to be used by anybody who wants a fast response.

(iii) Effective Communication.

This system has a function that enables parents, students, teachers, and school administrators to interact with one another. It is not a hassle to send out SMS, emails, or detailed notifications about school events. Users do not need to manually insert recipient information since it is already stored in the system.

(iv) Track School Vehicle

Most schools have a vehicle, such as buses or cars, that they use to transport students to and from school and school-related events.

The system helps in monitoring the vehicle's path, odometer, and even schedule vehicle maintenance. School workers can easily handle the vehicle with assured monitoring, and parents can have more trust in the school because their children's safety is a part of the school management regulation.

(v) Parents Can Access It Too.

The school management structure establishes direct contact between the school and the parents. Since parents may not have time to check their children's progress in school, it reminds them of their growth and learning progress.

From the students' results to their current tasks, this information is accessible at any time. As a result, both parents and schools bear equal responsibility for their children's education.

19 March

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