Regional board schools lack quality manpower bothAcademic and non-academic

Tagore will provide quality and well trained teachers, academic and non teachingstaff, admin and smart managers to manage the whole system so this will give more freedom to the school owners to channelize their energy into growth and innovation.

Student, parents and teachers is unable to shift from one place to another following the same standards and methodology

As all Tagore have common and standardized course structures, day plans, examination patterns and dates so any student can take transfer from one school to another and even other city. Even teachers and staff members can take transfer to a different place.

Small schools lack branding- being alone they can’t put much budget into promotion.

Tagore will have a common uniforms for the staff and the students which shall make our presence more dominant, we shall provide branding and promotions through print, electronic and social media so schools will achieve a better brand image which a school can’t afford at an individual level

Options available as per affordability and facilities.

Tagore will grade and classify the schools on the basis of fees, infrastructure and academic results and teaching standards into A, B,C levels on the basis of regular internal and external audit and assessment and customer feedbacks. So parents can select their type of schools as per their suitability

Staff do not get respectable salaries and lack social securities like medical facilities, life insurance, and pension plans.

Through Tagore staff welfare plan each teacher will get medical, life insurance along with to make their life more secured. Skill development trainings will be conducted for teachers and students and all government schemes will be made accessible to all school owners, students’ teachers and parents of students. The jobs of the staff will be transferable and so do students.

Lack of customization of syllabi and course structures and providing the career awareness and counselling

Tagore will provide the facility to take up the right selection of stream and courses according to the affordability considering the likes and dislikes of each individual student based on personality and psychometric tests. They will also guide and help the student to attain its best potential based on their core competency and skill sets.

Lack vision

Due to lack of exposure of the local schools they do not have a clear vision for the up gradation and updation of the schools to make it future ready.So Tagore will provide the knowhow and tie ups for the most updated technologies available in the market worldwide to each of the member schools at the most affordable prices.

Lack of career oriented education which can make individuals more employable.

Tagore will help develop skill development centers and design curriculum which can turn around the old system of education.

They do not have proper sports and co-curricular infrastructure and facilities

Tagore will create common facilities like sports and other infra can be used by all Tagore. Also there will be inter school competitions which will give students a wider scope.

Lack of customer service and relationship.

To provide the extraordinary customer experience we shall train the staff and provide best systems to monitor the process.

Due to lack of awareness these schools are not able to take benefit of government schemes

Since these schools are located in remote places hence at times they lack proper information and manpower and knowhow to avail the benefit of these government welfare schemes. Tagore will facilitate to provide information and process to get connected and take the benefit on a mass level. Even the parents can take benefit of the government schemes through the schools.

There is a lot of malpractices of commission and thus cost of study material and consumables increases

Tagore want to provide all services and material to its end users at the most reasonable prices by removing the middlemen.

Schools are unable to recover their complete fees.

As the parents know the schools management personally so they take them casually and do not pay the fees on time. You can easily use name to recover the fees

Students need more coaching’s and personal tuitions

We have tie up with coaching’s and shall provide the same at the schools itself which will get additional revenue to schools and student will get most updated course structure even at the schools level.

Monitoring and assessment

Through our online portal and software all the database of the students will be done online. So head office will continuously monitor the process and will do regular audits to check the standards

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