Why Tagore management ?

1. User Friendly

Working on our software on your first login without any guidance is simple. All you need is the basic knowledge of working with android phone.

2. Web based

Based on Internet Nothing needs to be installed on your computer. Tagore management is a framework for online school management. That means you're using it in your browser of preference.

3. Privacy of data

We offer their data complete privacy toevery school as the data is completely encrypted when stored in Tagore management. Data is all safe. Do not worry about the theft of some sensitive data. Tagore management safeguards your info.

4.Reasonable pricing

In the education sector, Tagore management provides the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any ERP software. The Tagore management’s solutions and services can be easily afforded by schools and colleges of any scale.

5.Framework for in-house communications

Tagore management comes with an internalmessaging system which, even if you do not have an email service or messaging service, you can use internally for communication.

6.Payments online on the go

Tagore management allows parents to pay the fees online, which ensures that parents, also on their cell phones, can pay the fees on the go.

7.Eco Friendly

Using Tagore management makes the organisation eco-friendly as all data and records are stored on the cloud, it is only important to use paper and files when necessary.

8. Grow from School Management to School Growth

Concentrate on improving your school while your school is operated by Tagore management.

9. Admissions

Using the Applicant Registration function to configure admission forms, manage new registrations and allocate batches.

10.Check for Action

Tagore management's revolutionary action search enables users to access various other features via a quick top-menu search.

11. Broad variety of services

Tagore management offers you a range of other services, such as installation, customization, assistance, hosting, integration, training and implementation services.

12. Log-in for parents and students

Both parents and students have access to Tagore management with their own individual login, which enables them to monitor their dashboard from anywhere in the world.

13. Privileges for Access

The advanced user management features of Tagore management allow you to delegate various privileges to various users.

14.Tagore management as web and mobile application

Tagore management can also be available on all mobile devices. It's designed for any browser, meaning you can log in to Tagore management from your favourite mobile devices on the go.

15.Secure administration of passwords

Easily recover lost passwords or change your password for full protection at any time.

16. no hidden charges

17.Analyse the success of students

To allow you to evaluate results, Tagore management allows you to store data about your students' past history.

18.Sending parents SMS and automatic updates on their cell phones.

19. Module Timetable

The straightforward but powerful timetable module of Tagore management allows your school to work effectively.

20.Do tremendous stuff for schools

For your teachers to remain active, Tagore management has a feature-rich task management plugin.

21.Connect with your desired LMS

Tagore management can be combined with other solutions for e-learning as well.

For example, Moodle for e-learning management supports integration with your favourite learning management systems.

22. tagore management provide unique ID’s for all .

23.Control of exams

Tagore management makes it possible for you to plan tests, create test schedules and reports, and write reports.

24. Everywhere Easily Available

Tagore management is hosted on the cloud, which ensures that students, teachers, parents and administrators from anywhere can still access Tagore management on the air.

25. Customer Emphasis for Success

we believe your success is a success for us. Our attention is always on helping you meet your objectives.

26. Tagore management

High performance at low cost Tagore management is the best solution on the market for schools and the most affordable one available at the same time!

27. Receipts for Fee

Generate well-designed and transparent fee receipts in electronic mode that you can print or send to parents.

28.Records of Students

Using a single module, handle distinct types of student data from health records to additional curricular achievements and many more.

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